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WeChat Pay_How to link bank card to Wechat
Julia Soap / 2016-05-25

Today you are making a huge step to improve your life quality in China: I will teach you to link your bank card to Wechat mobile app. Once you have linked your bank card, WeChat will become a different app, and it will turn the world around for you. I promise that it will really make your daily life much easier in many ways.


Some of my foreign friends are not sure how to go through the linking process safely, while others wonder why they can't link the second card to the account. I'll try to address these issues here. But first a little intro to the potential of e-commerce.


What can you do with WeChat wallet? Other Western apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, Viber might superficially seem similar to WeChat. But once you have your card linked and become comfortable using WeChat for mobile commerce, you will quickly realize that WeChat is much more than "the Chinese WhatsApp". The list of things possible is truly impressive: 

  • QR Code Payments 

  • Transfers to friends 

  • Mobile Top Up O

  • rdering Taxis 

  • Payment of Utility Bills 

  • Purchasing Movie Tickets 

  • Transfer to Banks 

  • Purchasing Air and Train Tickets 

  • Groupon Style Discount Deals


Let's start in Me Section by selecting Wallet.


Now select Cards

As you will see, I already have 1 ICBC bank card linked to this account. You can link several cards to a single account if you wish. They have to be issued on the same name though.

Now the tricky part, that bugs a lot of foreigners here: When you set up a bank account locally, your name is copied into the Chinese bank system from your passport. Please pay attention how the bank officials type your name. For example, at the first bank my first and last names appeared to be typed together in capital letters like this (FIRSTNAMEFAMILYNAME). I already linked my first card to Wechat, and if I need to link another one, Wechat will expect it to be registered in the same way (not like FAMILYNAMEFIRSTNAME or FIRSTNAME_FAMILYNAME). If you want to find out the exact way your name and passport number are spelled in the bank system, approach the bank teller with your card and passport, and ask them for a printout.



Hit Plus to add another card.



Fill in the card details. There is an option to scan the card by tapping the blue camera icon.



I didnt have to input my passport number. But if you are linking your first card, type your number exactly as it is shown in your bank system. The phone number has to be the same that was registered with the bank.



You will have to verify this phone number. WeChat will send a text message with a code to confirm that the phone is in fact yours.



The last step toward the bright e-commerce is setting your security password for the account. I recommend that you do not make this easy to guess or the same as your WeChat password!


Now you're set! Welcome to a world of Chinese mobile e-commerce. Try not to spend all your money too quickly :-)

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